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Increase Sales with the “Next Generation” Uniform Builders

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Increase Sales with the “Next Generation” Uniform Builders  


Uniform manufacturers are well aware of the challenge in responding to customer’s constantly changing needs. As a result, many large and mid-size manufacturers, from Nike and Adidas to Motionwear, are implementing sophisticated uniform builders as well as updating existing ones.



What do these uniform builders offer that make for such a superior customer experience?


A few of the most significant advantages include:

  • Easy-to-design experience
  • Simple integration with other order systems
  • Sharing of designs among each individual involved in the buying process
  • No more reliance on sales representatives
  • Quick response time not offered by lower-priced competitors


Let me share with you an experience from one of our own customers and how we were able to meet their needs.


Motionwear, a leading custom cheer apparel brand, sought a solution for customizing cheerleading uniforms. We were able to integrate a powerful online solution that empowered their salespeople and clients to create fabulous and endless matching color combinations for shells and skirts. 



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