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Enable a powerful,
interactive product customization experience
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Over 10,000 Customizes Already Built

The Doogma Designer™ offers the most user friendly Design-Your-Own solution. With 1,000s of product configurators we’ve already created, Doogma provides the ideal solution for eCommerce sites, able to customize anything, and everything.

Deploy Yours Within 21 Days

We deliver the ideal product customization solution with our personalised web configurators, fully integrated into your shopping cart within 21 business days of receiving your graphics and an outline of the options and features you want available for your customers.

Engage Your Customers

Engage users and sell more. Customers bond with your products using Doogma’s product configurator technology. In a month, Doogma registered 166,683 design clicks on client sites. With self expression via design, customers buy unique products, and sales increase.

Doogma Designer



“Over 30 percent of US shoppers and 50 percent of users globally are using phones and tablets to pick out ready to buy items instead of bidding on the e-commerce site… often picking out and saving items on mobile and then buying them later on desktop. That behavior is forging a new way the company [eBay] plans to interact with shoppers going forward.”

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TechCrunch, Leading Tech Blog, December 9, 2014 




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“We knew there was a business opportunity to offer our customers the ability to customize our products.  An initial search revealed costs in excess of six-figures to build this capability, what was not feasible for a company our size.  Finding Doogma’s solution we were able to offer this capability with a team that functioned seamlessly with our own internal team.  The tool has more than paid for itself in less than one quarter and allowed us to differentiate from anyone within our industry.”

-Tom Kaleta, Director of Marketing
Blue Force Gear, Inc.

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The Doogma Designer™ is optimized for every touch point. Since each of your users interacts differently with your eCommerce site, we offer a solution incomparable to any other on the market. Doogma has developed a custom product configurators offering the unique features and adaptive experience most suited for today’s diverse online shoppers – more and more are using various devices to buy their coveted custom products.


Your shoppers and clients are your ideal marketers; their satisfaction equates to your brand exposure and promotion. Encourage your users to Design and “Share” via Doogma’s fully integrated social media sharing within our product configurator. Word of mouth is the best referral to date, with social sharing among friends within social media networks dominating the markets. Watch as friends of customers gravitate to your site to design and buy their own versions of your products with your ability to enable brand exposure via design sharing on the hottest social media platforms.


Today’s online shoppers and custom designer users are busy, and they have no time to wait or waste. Provide your customers with the ultimate Design-Their-Own experience, and don’t settle for any solution but the best: The Doogma Designer™. Give your users the option to choose from instant feature and color changes the moment they click their mouse or touch their screen – it’s that simple. The Doogma Designer™ offers top notch product configuration performance, swiftly, simply and with satisfaction.


With a plethora of possibilities to choose from, your customization features, personalization options, and product bundling possibilities are endless with our web configurators. Regardless of which ones you wish to offer your customers, it’s simple and seamless with The Doogma Designer™. Our fully supported design features include: feature changes, color changes, rich text personalization, drag & drop, web2print creation of print-ready output files and the most rich features your imagination can illustrate in your eCommerce dreams. It’s that easy.

"The Doogma team quickly understood our vision and we are delighted with their implementation of the user experience."

David Ferguson, founder and Cookie-in-Chief

"Working with Doogma was great, Doogma got the concept immediately and they know the visualization customization space better than any of the other companies I interviewed. Doogma acts as a partner and not just a vendor."

Kim Mitchell-Catlett, Founder and Lead Designer

"Custom design for diploma frames was new to both Perfect Cases and Doogma. We gave Doogma examples of what we wanted and Doogma was able to get it right the first time."

Steve Brown, VP of Sales and Operations. PerfectCases

"Having Doogma implement our custom product builders has been a huge step forward for us. Customers love being able to see what their unique pieces will look like before they’re made."

Sean Cruze, Director of Digital Marketing
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