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Cake Designer

Try Out The Engaging Design-Your-Own Cake  Interactive Buying Experience:

Improve and increase the order process while exciting your customers with an interactive designer .  With the cake designer, customers  can now create   their own text with different fonts and colors as well as upload their own image with the Doogma solution . This is a great way to engage your users by empowering them to design and purchase multiple items on products at once. Ask your Doogma consultant how to use this exciting technology to enable customers to design and share “looks.” With a Doogma Designer on your site, your customers will be creating and buying  complete cakes within minutes.

Want to sell more custom and personalized items on your site? Contact the Doogma team and within a few weeks, your users will be custom designing and buying more of your products on your site.


Sweet Express Images – Custom Cakes

Any custom cake can be created for any occasion with The Sweet Express Images Designer. Cake buyers can authentically customize and personalize their baked goods, with a photograph included on the surface of the cake, along with customizable and personalizable message for all and any occasions. The sweetness of a buyer’s cake no longer lays simply in the recipe of sweet ingredients – customizable cakes with our bespoke cake customizer, offer the sweetest messages and images you want with your order.

To design and buy your own cake, please visit: http://www.sweetexpressimages.com/