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Doogma Gaming Controller Designer

Improve and increase the order process while exciting your customers with an interactive gaming controller designer. Empower customers to mix and match buttons, thumb sticks, and bumpers with  a large selection  of colors and logos styles.  This is the best way to let your users design multiple features on a single product. Ask your Doogma consultant how to use this exciting technology to enable customers to personalize  and share their designs. With a Doogma Designer on your site, your customers will be customizing and purchasing game controllers within a few minutes.

Try Out The Engaging Design-Your-Own Gaming Controller  Interactive Buying Experience:

Want to sell more custom and personalized items on your site? Contact the Doogma team and within a few weeks, your users will be custom designing and buying more of your products on your site.


Promodz Custom Controllers

Promodz Custom Controllers offer a whole new game plan to video controller design, with embellished and sexy base colors, skins, patterns, custom LED Guide Button, custom color buttons, thumbsticks, bumpers and paint finish. The colour range and pattern possibilities of the controller configurator offer innumerable possibilities of combinations that are on par with the level of stimulation gamers might acquire from their own virtual feats. This Doogma Designer will blow your senses away. Throughout a buyer’s design process on the Promodz website, a photo of the controller changes with each choice made. Buyer’s see exactly what they’re designing every step of the customization process.

To design and buy your own custom gaming controller, please visit: http://www.promodz.com/Xbox-One-Controller-Designer_p_128.html