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Motorcycle Accessory  Designer

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Motorcycle Accessory Designer

Bruce Martin, founder of American Custom, was inspired to make custom pipes for his Harley while out on a ride with his brother.

They had just installed an early prototype of an American Custom slip-on muffler and couldn’t believe it – the sound was incredible.

They were asked about their pipes whenever they rode so they knew they had something special. But Bruce also wanted to be able to change the sound easily – even while on the road – in only a few minutes. And his goal was to share his discovery with other riders so they could enjoy the same great experience.

That’s when the American Custom Tone-Flex System* was born. His team spent the next few years engineering a system that would deliver the best sound – unique to each Harley model – ensuring that each detail was perfect.

They created a set of products that provide the high quality they demanded with maximum sound flexibility – from an aggressive, deep rumbling sound, to street-friendly, or somewhere in the middle – all available in the same pipe.

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