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Doogma Footlocker Trunk Designer

The latest and greatest way to sell a design-your-own & create-your-own Footlocker Trunk, Everything Summer Camp’s Doogma Footlocker Trunk Designer allows shoppers to create an ideal product for storing a camper’s necessities and more. Give Footlocker Trunk shoppers total control over the look of their trunk, with millions of possibilities to echo the colors of favorite sports team, create their own salute camps color theme, or just blend favorite colors and share it on social media.

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everything-summercamp footlocker designer

Everything Summer Camp

The team at Everything Summer Camp were looking for a solution to improve customer engagement. In collaboration with the team at CoreSense who approached Doogma, our team and theirs successfully built a fun and easy to use trunk designer, offering shoppers an opportunity to create a custom footlocker, both that’s great quality and popular.

Young eCommerce buyers love to customize with color and personalize their footlocker trunks with text. The Doogma Footlocker Trunk Designer™ provides young shoppers with this interactive and fun user experience and promotes the configurator for merchants with the ability to share designs via social media.

To design and buy your own footlocker trunk, please visit: http://www.everythingsummercamp.com/customized-trunks-create-your-own-footlocker

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Benefits & Features of the Doogma Designer™:

  • Robust, Versatile and Excellent User Experience: customize with any features, colors, finishes, decal, skins, and text, and other customization or personalization feature imaginable.
  • Quick Turnaround Time on Project and Configurator Production: your Doogma Designer™ is ready within up to only 21 days.
  • Competitive Pricing and Flexible Packages.
  • SaaS Solution: Doogma offers the most up to date technology, hassle-free
  • Customization, Personalization and Bundling are all available with the Footlocker Trunk Doogma Designer™ and any Doogma Designer™.
  • Proven Methodology and Patented Technology: we know our stuff, let us help you sell yours – customized.
  • 3 Integration Alternatives to implement the solution into your shopping cart system and/or ecommerce site.
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly with Doogma’s SmartMobile HTML5 Version: mobile shoppers and multi-screen shoppers can buy and customize on your site on any device.

Transform Your Customers’ Shopping Experience Today

This Footlocker Trunk configurator can be with The Doogma Footlocker Trunk Designer, flaunting fun and fancy features in a rainbow of shades including Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Lilac, Light Blue, Black White.

Shoppers can choose from 20 or more colours to customize any of the panels of the Footlocker Trunk configurator including:

  • Top of the Footlocker Trunk
  • Front Lid
  • Back Lid
  • Left Side Lid
  • Right Side Lid
  • Front Base
  • Back Base
  • Left Side Based
  • Right Side Base
  • Bottom

eCommerce merchants or in-store business owners looking to sell customized footlocker trunks with the most exciting features and the option to personalize with any text, the Doogma Designer™ offers the best solution. The Footlocker Trunk is great for campers, kids and for the kid at hear of all ages. Shoppers can use Footlocker trunks for summer camp, storage at home, and a fun way to organize toys, goodies, clothes and anything.