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Custom Vickers Sling Designer

* Front Webbing Color:
* Back Webbing Color:
* Adjuster Pull Tab Color:
* Front Attachment Hardware:
* Rear Attachment Hardware:
* Sling Hardware Options:
* Sew in Front Attachment:
* Sew In Rear Hardware:

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Blue Force Gear

Your Sling Your Way

Welcome to the Custom Vickers Sling Builder! The Custom Sling Builder allows you to make the perfect sling for your individual weapon. From unique color combinations of webbing and hardware to hardware sewn on for a specific weapon, it’s all possible now!
The Sling Builder walks you through the components of the sling starting at the front – the Adjuster side. This would be the end that attaches towards the muzzle of an AR15, AKM, or similar modern sporting rifle or shotgun. As you select each option, you will see your sling being “built” in the image to the left. What you see is what you will get!

For more details on the Vickers Sling and its benefits or to purchase a sling – visit https://www.blueforcegear.com/custom-sling-builder