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Bike Customizer

Sell more custom bikes with a Doogma Designer™ on your site. The bike configurator shown below was created for Ellsworth’s handcrafted bikes and offers a number of special features. Users get to build their own bike starting with just a frame. Each element of the bike is selected from available high end parts. Users love to design and purchase their own custom designed bikes.
To view and select customization options for this custom bike, simply click on the bike itself or on one of the 14 main headings above the bike. Select options and see how the custom bike is created.

Streamline The  Production Process And Sell More Custom  Bikes:

Want to sell more custom and personalized items on your site? Contact the Doogma team and within a few weeks, your users will be custom designing and buying more of your products on your site.


Bike Designer

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicyles is the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality mountain and cyclocross bicycles. Ellsworth is a committed US manufacturer, actively engaged in social responsibility and sustainability as a company. The company is known for its small company, craftsman-style approach to bike design and manufacturing and is the holder of multiple design and utility patents worldwide. The company’s internationally-patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) is the most energy efficient suspension design in the world and a unique and essential part of every Ellsworth mountain bike. Ellsworth’s ICT suspension continues to be the benchmark for other suspension bikes, and has not only raised the bar but also has set the standard for over 10 years for efficiency, traction, control and ride quality. This innovative looking Doogma Bike Designer is a simple but yet sophisticated way to customize your bike. If you want to sell more personalized and customized bikes, please contact Doogma today.