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Badge Designer

Sell more custom Badges  with a Doogma Designer™ on your site. The Badge Designer shown below offers a number of custom features. Users get to personalize their own  Iphone case by selecting different colors, insert your custom  text, and upload images . To view and select customization options for the design-your-own Badge, simply select  the  heading categories and see the Badge  automatically update.

Try Out The Engaging Design-Your-Own Badge Interactive Buying Experience:

Select Badge Finish:
Name Line 1:
Name Line 2:
Select Font:











Click on "Upload Your Logo" icon on the badge to upload your logo.


Select Preview:

Want to sell more custom and personalized items on your site? Contact the Doogma team and within a few weeks, your users will be custom designing and buying more of your products on your site.


Badge Designer

Would you like to design your own medals or purchases badges and other awards? Please visit Doogma’s client Richmond Recognition www.richmondrecognition.com