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Doogma Client Spotlight: How Bella Modi Lets Shoppers Design Their Own Perfect Handbags Online

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Creating Custom Handbags Online   Kim Mitchell-Catlett noticed that when people are buying ready made handbags there was always a reaction of “this is a great handbag ‘but’….”   So Mitchell created Bellla Modi, which means “Beautiful Ways”, in case you did not know that. She structured the business...

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Best Practices in Customization: Advice from Harley-Davidson, John Deere, Boeing, Schneider Electric and TCS

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People want the freedom to customize the things in which they invest. Bain and Co. reported that 25-30 percent of customers are asking for online customization options. Deloitte found that one fifth of those customers will pay a premium up to 20% for this ability....

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